Greenify Apk V4.2.0.1 Download For Android (Latest Build)

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Greenify Apk V4.2.0.1 Download For Android (Latest Build)
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The Greenify apk is the app that effectively saves your battery and it continuously pushes the apps in the hibernation mode. This state of the battery will keep them from running in the background and this may drain your battery’s life.

Many people say that these kinds of root apps are called task killers and many experts are saying not to use such apps. The greenify app is very different from such apps. It will stop the app from running and the app uses the androids built-in function called the ‘force top’. Greenify also avoids the app to start up again until the time you start it. It is not a blanket either because the apps must choose the apps that are in need of hibernation. It is certainly a contradiction of the apps that close down everything in the background. In this case, you are the one choosing which apps to close down.

Greenify Apk V4.2.0.1 Download For Android (Latest Build)

Greenify Apk
Greenify Apk

So now we have cleared up the doubt let’s get started. The first thing you have to do is to install the greenify app. Then there are two versions of the greenify app. The free app and the paid donation version in which you can choose the one you want. The paid version of the app offers many features than the free version. Let’s see how can you use the app and save the battery in the phone and extend its life.

There are two ways to use the Greenify like it can be set up in the rooted phone and without it. The non-rooted version requires a different set up initially.

Use greenify in a non-rooted phone

After the installation and launching of the greenify app, the users have to do a fast set up process. The app will ensure whether all the permissions and access has been granted and the system settings are set in place.

What does it do?

The main aim of the greenify app is to add the extra battery life to your device. In this age of smartphones, there are a lot of improvements made done to it. It offers storage, resolution, sound quality is great but the battery is still an issue. The android devices can be used to perform so many tasks than calling and texting. These tasks can make the battery to drain faster and then you will not be able to enjoy the tasks fully.

This is the one step short of the best. We can see with our own eyes that the android devices can make us feel happy and annoyed at the same time. So at these moments, you need the app which saves the battery from draining and it takes care of the apps that run unnecessarily in the background. This is what the greenify app will do. It will function effectively and superbly to save some of the precious points of the battery. This is a one of a kind app that will surely help you to save battery.

The app puts the misbehaving apps in the hibernation mood when they are not used at that time. The app makes you give whole focus to the things you are doing at that time. You can keep the phone without worrying about its battery life. The android phones become hungry for battery if many apps run at the same time and it also will become slower. This is also an app that respects your decision the app will only allow specific functions to rum if you allow it.

Download Greenify APK
Download Greenify APK

Some of the prerequisites you need to take care and specify are the following.

  • You need to specify if your device is rooted, not rooted or the I am not sure option which will be the questions asked by the greenify app after its installation.
  • It has some specifically optimized approaches implemented to achieve the goals that are actually made to save enhance your battery life.
  • Do you use the fingerprint locks or other kinds of locks frequently? The app will question you regarding it to check the screen lock compatibility.
  • You just have to put a tick on the options that are suitable for you. This is a very easy app to install and use.

Conserve the battery in your mobile with the aid of the greenify app.

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